13 March 2008

Hello Again!

Sorry I haven't been on in quite a while. Its been a busy time, the birth of my new nephew last month including a 5 day visit from him and his parents.

Currently I am trying to sort things out with the job centre so that I can work again, just doing a few hours a week to start off with. i have gotten a lovely mower (makes me feel manly, its red, my version of a sports car). So hopefully soon I will be doing a few local gardens. I'm slightly looking forward to it as I cant wait to have some freedom and also i last did peoples gardens when I was 16. But in some ways I'm not looking forward to it either as I sometimes find it a bit boring. But hey ho, a jobs a job.

That's all for now folks.

1 comment:

Robert said...

Good to hear from you again!

ALL jobs are boring at times! You'll just have to concentrate on the good bits and ignore the boring bits!

Best wishes