1 November 2007


Well my TMA is not going very well. Nothing is inspiring me and im in a mood because its so cold and dark outside. i used to like the winter but Im really not enjoying it at all this year.

With my TMA (assignment) due in tomorrow, im just going to have to send in the rubbish I have produced. I did write a second one but even that wasn't any good.

sorry I haven't bin on any blogs recently, just snowed under trying to sort this course stuff out. All the exercises I have done turned out brilliantly only for the assignment to turn out rubbish. Im not too bothered about the marks for it, I would rather have known that i had produced a good quality piece of writing instead.

28 October 2007

did you see that

In the last post I put 'because i WAS agoraphobic', you see, my thinking has changed without me even knowing it. Lets hope this is the way forward.


well I did spend 15 mins writing something only to press send and get the 'cant display page message'. Turned out my modem wanted a little break and didn't tell me. So I lost what I wrote, but never mind.

I have changed the 'about me' profile section. It used to say that I was agoraphobic, but I didn't like having that there. The thing about labels is you start living by them. Its like when my parents tell people that I didn't come with them because I was agoraphobic, really its because I would be bored stupid and wouldn't be the slightest bit interested going. That's why I don't like the term, it gets used for everything and takes over. so i wont be using that label. Hope this makes sense, it does to me.