24 October 2007

latest update

well..... went to the tip three times on Sunday with my dad. Cant say I enjoyed it. I thought I would have enjoyed it more, however I was surprised at the amount of traffic there is. Only a few years ago you could go out on a Sunday and see three cars, this time it was like a week day rush hour and I am by no means joking. We had to wait behind about 10 cars at the tip each time we went there. Three years ago we never had ques.

I have been trying to catch up on my course work. Got a little behind trying to sort out the garden. Now the weathers so cold creative writing will have all the time it needs. Wrote a little something yesterday. Will edit it a bit and post it up.

Getting my hair cut on Thursday. I'm looking forward to it, getting it done short again so its more manageable. I'm hoping that it will refresh me a little more.

i have wondered out on the odd day Sometimes walking, sometimes cycling, or sometimes bit of both. Now the days are getting dark I think I will need to re look at my lighting.

To be honest I'm a little... out of focus I suppose you could say. I like to think of what job I would like to do etc and I do have a few ideas, but when I cant stand having people anywhere near me... I suppose the end goal just seems so far off. I find it easier not to think of an end goal at times, I try to remember what it was like when I walked to school or went out on my bike, walked the dog etc, when I was younger. I try and think of how I used to be. I want to enjoy the outdoors. How can a modern lifestyle be so good when it makes so many people like me? There are thousands of people with anxiety, depression, social problems..... I have to say that I blame it on how we live. Everything is too fast, too demanding and if you cant keep up then your forgotten about. People go to work to try and keep a roof over there head, to pay off the mortgage that's 8 times there wadge. Why cant people be allowed to enjoy work anymore? to enjoy life. Life is such a precious thing that gets taken for granted.

I think I'm done rambling now, it just really gets to me.