27 December 2007

family update and the christmas holidays

Well I am pleased to announce a new arrival to the family, I now have a niece. She was born at the weekend just before Christmas. But I can add to that news as my brother has also asked his girlfriend to marry him (she said yes).

It has been a busy few days, enjoyable and thought provoking. We have had our new arrival, the good news from my brother and shared a few days together as a family. Sadly there was some bad news a few weeks ago involving someone who was in my year at school. While on holiday he got shot in the head during a tragic accident. He is still alive but is expected to have disabilities. That really made me think, he is the same age as me and almost lost his life. Life is a wonderful yet fragile thing and my heart went out to his family this Christmas.

This year I got my nephews an electric guitar. Its there birthday present as well. I wanted to get them one as they had shown an interest and while there young its best to learn. The looks on there faces when they opened it up made it all worthwhile. It will be something I will never forget. Now I'm going to get some guitar lessons sorted, so who knows, I might be playing guitar with my nephews one day.

To all of you out there, I hope you had a happy and peaceful Christmas.