15 October 2007

the latest

Well today I finished preparing the soil down the side of our house. I have previously dug out about 5 inch's of soil, put down a weed liner (stops the weeds growing through, we have problems with one which roots very deeply). So today I finished putting the last bit of soil on. Will hopefully tomorrow put the seed on (although its supposed to rain in the morning so will have to see how the soil is). We are having meadow grass which is a mixture of grasses and wild flowers.

Went for a little walk after dinner. Had some young people drive past in a mini. Why is it young people have to use there horn? I almost jumped out of my skin but thankfully stayed calm... very calm for me.

I'm now trying to decide how I want my hair done, will try and get it cut next week if the hairdressers free (and if I have any money).

Got a book today on face toning. says it works in three to four weeks so I will post before and after photos up in a few weeks. Hope it does work. Want to get some arm weights too.

14 October 2007

Course explained and a little exercise

I forgot to mention what A215 was (thanks for pointing it out). The OU course (A215) is a creative writing course. I have previously done a fiction writing course so this was next on the list for me. Sadly I missed the tutorial yesterday. I think I would feel more comfortable going to one when I'm settled in to the course a little more.

Currently I am trying to spruce myself up a bit. Want a few new changes like a new hairstyle, I'm thinking of going short again.

I recently got myself a helmet so I can go cycling again. Went out with it today, just round the block. I want to try and make that a regular thing. I do love to cycle.

there's not really much more to add at the moment. While I do my course I might post up the odd story or something. I will be doing quite a lot as you have to write each day.

O yea, found a bike alarm the other day, thinking of getting one. You can even get a tracking device for if it gets stolen. I know of two people who have had bikes stolen in town so they might come in handy.

I also found a really nice picture that I'm thinking of getting for my room. Its called 'going home at dusk' and its by john Atkinson Grimshaw. The painting is on the cover of a Sherlock Holmes book that I have. Always have liked it. Its very dark and cold but in a warm way. It reminds me of when I used to take my dog for walks in the winter. There is just something so nice about being wrapped up and walking in the rain.... or maybe its just me?