13 March 2008


Around this time, 23 years ago, One of my brothers was born. He was born to early and died the following day. I of course don't remember this as I was born a year after him.

Its a strange thing for me to think about. In one way I feel as though there is something missing in my life, brothers who are close in age usually remain close throughout their life. It can feel as though half of me is missing (which would explain a lot).

In another way it has no effect on me. It might sound harsh, but he wasn't around when I was born. It has effected my family more then it has me as they all saw him and spent the little time they had together, I can only learn from what they tell me. And I do feel sorry for them. In some ways I miss my brother too.

My mum just told me that she should have given birth to him around this time, on this day. I dodn't know what to respond. I know that if he had survived then I wouldn't be here today as they wouldn't have wanted any more children. Its an odd thing to think that I have another brother, someone who I never met. In some weird way I owe my life to him. But I cant help but wonder how it might have been if we both survived, how our life's might have been different.

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